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  • Equipped with most advanced Technologies Active Copper ™ and Mineral Guard™
  • Aquaguard Reviva 50 is engineered with RO technology that makes it an ideal choice for water purification at home.

Aquaguard Reviva NXT RO Water Purifier

Ideal for homes that have high TDS levels in water. It comes equipped with a unique RO membrane that removes excess TDS and blocks impurities and chemical contaminants dissolved in water.

Aquaguard Reviva RO Water Purifier

The robust make of the Aquaguard Reviva RO ensures greater durability, while the transparent water tank lets you know the purified levels of water. The taste enhancer does not just remove organic impurities but also revives the taste of water that you get to drink.

Aquaguard Reviva UV Water Purifier

Reviva with its unique e-boiling technique ensures that the water you drink is as safe as the water boiled for 20 minutes. The perfect combination of e-boiling+ technology, an advanced 4 stage purification and 8 lt storage tank that contantly revives the original taste of water.

Dr. Aquaguard Booster Water Purifier

Dr. Aquaguard Booster with its versatile features can function effortlessly in areas where there is extremely low water pressure, which now means that even homes with low or no running water can have the purest form of drinking water within no time.

Dr. Aquaguard Classic Water Purifier

Its time to bid goodbye to water borne diseases with the all new Dr. Aquaguard Classic. With simplified operations and improvised functioning, the purifier delivers the healthiest form of water that is safe for consumption at all times.

Dr. Aquaguard Compact Water Purifier

Dr.Aquaguard Compact is the most ideal water purifier for homes with space constraints. It is carefully designed to fit into smaller spaces efficiently and is also equipped with a biotron cartridge to deliver high efficiency purification.